Psychiatry and psychotherapy of the future

Biomarkers that predict the risk of disease, self-training algorithms that identify tailored treatments, care structures that are aligned with patients’ needs, digital applications that support patient self-management – things that sounded like science fiction a few years ago may in a few years be everyday practice in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

At the same time our society is changing rapidly: digitalization and automation are everywhere, globalization and demographic change have long been a reality. The economic pressure on health care is growing and efficiency, profitability and measurability increasingly determine the practice of modern medicine. 

What do these developments mean for psychiatry and psychotherapy? How will we psychiatrists and psychotherapists treat people with mental illness in the future? How can we ensure that we have enough time and space for our patients? The DGPPN Congress 2018 will look ahead and start a comprehensive assessment of the situation. 

National and international scientists will present new approaches in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mental illnesses. Futurologists will show how the worlds of work and leisure are changing and how these changes are affecting mental health. We will talk with politicians and health care partners about the special needs of people with mental illness – and about the relevance of these special needs for the design of help and care systems. A focal point will thereby be the ethical implications for our field. 

You can look forward to an exceptional programme that not only looks ahead but also deals intensively with current issues in research and care. Furthermore, you can expect top-class keynote speakers, interdisciplinary symposia, interactive discussion forums, a first-rate further and continuing education programme and exciting accompanying events.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the DGPPN Congress 2018!

Arno Deister
DGPPN President

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